| Journey Of My Life |

What should I say about myself!
It’s not like I own these few qualities I think I may have in me. I find it difficult to find positive qualities within me.
Despite my best efforts I find more negative traits in me than the positive ones. Since I gained consciousness to live I have struggled with myself and this struggle has become my life. This struggle is what inspires me, grants me energy, and drives me to win my battles.

In the bone-chilling winter night of 28th January, 1978 I was born in Gowardhan (Mathura). I was named Shyam Sundar. Gowardhan ( The place of shelter) has a tradition according to which I was given a name after Lord Krishna.

My mother, the late Shrimati Turso Devi, who was with me during my hardest times, left this earth to her heavenly abode before I could provide her with happiness and my devotion. Her entire life is an amazing example of patience, strength, far-sightedness, and the never ending ability of a woman for struggle. I can’t even be half of what she was. It was her farsightedness, that once I was born, she saw a progressive future for me and my elder brother (Shri Madan Mohan Pathak). Caring about our future she took us to Nainital. This decision has resulted in progress of the entire family.

My father was A.D.O in the department of Agriculture and therefore he was constantly transferred to different parts of the country. This caused us to move around a lot during our schooling. He was transferred to Ghaziabad after Nainital, and I received my primary education in Lal Bahadur Sainik School of Ghaziabad.

After that from 6th to 8th standard I studied in Saraswati Shishu Mandir in Awagarh. It was there where the seeds to understand the great culture and traditions of India were sown in me. From 9th to 12th standard I studied in the highly reputed college of Kasganj, Shree Ganesh Inter College. I had the best days of my life there.

The days I spent in Kasganj were the moments which transformed my life. In the Intermediate exam I stood first in the district. I also met Shrimati Sharda Jauhari who was like the mortal manifestation of Maa Sharda. When she offered her blessings to me it felt like a mute person receiving the ability to speak. My literary endeavors in Hindi, whatever I have learnt and written are the result of her blessings. It was because of her that someone who was a researcher of a soul-less subject like science turned into a writer and lover of Hindi literature.

I did my graduation (B.Sc) from Agra College in Agra. For pursuing a Postgraduate degree in Chemistry I went to Saraswati degree college, but the last year of my Postgraduate studies was completed from Kishori Raman College in Mathura.

My dream was to become a teacher so I went to Dayalbag Educational Institute in Agra to get my B.Ed degree. My dream was fulfilled soon. It was followed by more successes. My teaching career started after I got the position of a Chemistry lecturer in Amar Singh Inter College, in Lakhawati, Bulandshahar. It continued for eleven years. I was very satisfied with my life as a teacher. I received lot of love and respect from my students.

But destiny had other plans for me. Due to certain circumstances in my life I chose the option of becoming a Civil Servant. At the age of 30, after becoming a father of two children( Om and Shivpriya) I started my preparations for becoming a civil servant. It’s impossible to express in words how difficult a task it was to prepare for Civil Service Exams. If I am ever able to write about that it may turn out to be a novel.

At the start I was unsuccessful, but after three and half years I started to bear fruit. And success followed me once more. Across Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh there were multiple success stories in the civil service for me.

I achieved all of this because of the blessings of my mother whose grace always encompassed me wherever I went.
The strict discipline and strong willpower which I learnt from my father served me very well.
My wife Nidhi Pathak, who was very spiritual and dutiful, became the pillar of my strength, ability, hard work and progress.

I received the initiation to Brahmagyan from the great Ashutosh Maharaj. He became my Intellectual guru and changed everything. I learnt from him that an absolute Guru is someone who is self-sufficient and highly-capable. In every moment he showed me the way and led me like a father and took care of me like a mother. I am indebted to him for all my wins and success.

Under the Provincial Educational Service (P.E.S) I worked as the first principal for a year. The work done in that one year still brings me lot of satisfaction and peace. After retiring from that post I became Assistant Commissioner in the department of Commercial Tax. My first posting was in Agra. Agra holds special place in my memories, where I learnt a lot, understood and felt love for the first time.

In general I have multiple interests like music, painting, astrology, architecture, and inspirational writings but I am a poet by heart, who looks for feeling and beauty in every little thing.

I don’t know how history will remember me, but I do want that through my mind, words, and work I am useful for my country and the society.
If I am able to add an infinitesimal amount of beauty to this world then the name that my grandmother gave me will become meaningful.

Thanking you from the depth of my heart.

– Shyam Sundar Pathak. 'अनंत'